Cruise diaplo-Mathraki


 The Diaplos is a small uninhabited island with small beaches and beautiful caves. In 10 minutes we arrive from Agios Stefanos and you can enjoy diving from the boat and swimming in the crystal clear waters


 Mathraki is 10 minutes from Diaplo and has beautiful and crystal clear sandy beaches. The natural beauty, the stunning beaches, the beautiful paths and the tranquility of the landscape will compensate you with the above. During your stay on the island you can enjoy fantastic snacks in one of the three restaurants of the island

cruise erikousa

 The island is full of olives and cypress trees. The sights of the island are its traditional olive presses, which today also produce oil in the traditional way, the churches with the stone bell towers and the traditional settlements. In fact, however, the most important attraction of the island is its beautiful beaches.

 Starting from Agios Stefanos in about 30 minutes we arrive at Erikousa.

The beach of Porto is a short walk away, while the beach of Bragini is particularly fascinating. 

The beach in Porto is organized with sun loungers - showers and restaurants are within walking distance.

cruise othoni

The westernmost tip of Greece is a small paradise with scattered settlements, some beautiful taverns around the harbor, ruins of Venetian castles and a sense of absolute serenity. Othoni is the largest of the Diapontian Islands. Arriving on the island after 50 minutes, we head for the beach with the green waters and the cave where according to the legend Calypso held Odysseus captive. After an unforgettable swim in the white sand we go to the port of the island where you can take your meal in the taverns of the island and enjoy the special beauties of the island